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A Yacht Wedding In Newport Beach

A private luxury charter yacht located in the sheltered waters of Newport Beach, California.

A beautiful afternoon in Newport Harbor, the sun sparkling and shimmering on the waters, warm breezes caress you as you board the yacht.

You and your bridesmaids gather on the upper deck, you see the neat rows of white chairs to the left and right of the aisle you will soon walk down.

At the end of the aisle, is the white wedding arch covered in flowers, which you will soon join your groom under to exchange your vows.

You hide yourself away in the bridal salon donning your wedding gown as the anticipation builds.

Family and friends gather aboard the yacht to celebrate your special wedding at sea and are greeted by the captain and mates, dressed in their formal uniforms.

Soon you feel the slight vibration of the yacht’s engines as it pulls away from the docks and out into the waters of the harbor.

A few minutes later you feel the yacht turn slowly so that the stern faces the sunset, the engines now are silent as the yacht drifts gently on the sheltered waters.

As the music begins, you stand and share a few nervous smiles and hugs with your bride’s maids as they exit the salon one after the other.

Then, a moment of silence, broken only by the bridal march that heralds your arrival.

As you step smiling from the salon, you are greeted by your family & friends and at the end of the isle stands your future…

What better way is there to share the joy that is your wedding than on a luxury yacht?