Once I got engaged, I knew for sure that I wanted to Charter a Yacht for my wedding. My fiancé as well as my family loves the ocean, so it was a “no-brainer”. I grew up in Maine then moved to Southern California after college and wasn’t too far from the ocean. We had 50 guests at our wedding last June and everyone loved my choice to Charter a Yacht for our special day. It is an intimate setting for our guests and very scenic for my family and friends from Maine.

From my experience; When you Charter a Yacht from Admiral, you aren’t just getting a nice boat, you are getting a wedding planner with experience and dedication to making it the best wedding possible.

Debra had everything lines up for us, from the catering to the flowers, photographer, check, DJ, check, even the wedding cake was perfect, I didn’t feel bad playfully smashing it into his face with love.

I had such a good time I know I will never forget it and my guests all told me and are still telling me that it was the best wedding ever.

We had lots of dancing as well, at least a couple hours before we snuck off to our suite for some alone time.

My hubby and I are so happy we chose to Charter a Yacht because it was the perfect way to bring our families together because they both love the ocean.
The yacht we picked was very modern, spacious and luxurious. We were surprised after comparing our expenses with some of my friends that recently got married and we spent less and got way more for our money, my friends are honest and flat out told me they wish that they would have made the genius decision to Charter a Yacht because it was exceptionally amazing.

I highly recommend skipping the boring choices of ballrooms, itchy grass and even the sandy beaches because they are for your honeymoon and in a bikini, not formal wear, don’t do that, no one likes feeling uncomfortable at a wedding.

Admiral Yacht Charters helped with all the details from the planning stage to all the way through the best wedding a girl could ask for.

I included a few pictures of the tables in the reception area before everybody flowed into the room.

Thank you for setting everything up in the style that I asked for. You are the best.